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Campaign Uprising’s patented IP algorithm is changing the way candidates can target voters. Unlike traditional forms of digital advertising, which use cookies to identify similar target groups, our system determines the IP address of an individual based on their physical address, which is then used to feed your digital ad directly at the IP/router level. Targeting voters this way allows us to incorporate offline data, like registered voter lists, customer databases, modeled and direct mail data, to let you speak to exactly who you want to speak to. Our tech is 100% cookie-free and connects with real people at an unparalleled accuracy, eliminating the threat of ad fraud.

Get Voter Data

With voter data from Aristotle, Data Trust, L2 and NGP VAN we can locate the IP addresses of specific households with our patented algorithm.

Push Your Content

With a specific household IP address identified, we can use it as an entry point for hyper-targeted digital advertising.

Target Your Voters

Set your campaign to repeatedly speak to your voters on multiple channels, making your message stick.

Pre-loaded Voter
Data Sets

Our patented technology allows you to leverage offline data to segment targets from trusted political sources such as Aristotle, Data Trust, L2 and NGP VAN. Campaign Uprising pre-loads voter data sets including voter history and party affiliation so you don’t have to. That means registered Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can all receive your tailored messaging that is verified and based on empirical data, not online cookies or “predictive models.”

When creating your campaign, the audience generators will seamlessly pull voter data as you choose, allowing you to hyper-target to your exact desired audience.

Creative Asset Generator

Don’t have a creative team? With our creative asset generator, you don’t need one. Easily create engaging digital ads in minutes. Use our image assets or upload your own. Plus, you can create as many creative versions of your ad as you would like. The sky’s the limit.

Easy to Use
Campaign Dashboard

Our intuitive platform has everything you need in one place. The campaign dashboard updates you in real-time with an easy-to-read overview of how all your campaigns are doing. You can also seamlessly launch your next campaign in a few clicks.

– Start new campaigns

– Create Campaigns in Minutes

– Monitor Existing Campaigns

– Track Budgets and Metrics

Audience Generator

Easy to use pull down menus allow you to select the exact profile of voter you wish to target in your campaign. 

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