Levels the Playing Field for Political Candidates

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With political ad campaign spending reaching astronomical levels, is a great equalizer that allows candidates to serve digital ads to voters without breaking the bank.

Campaign season for the 2020 U.S. elections has been well under way, with candidates and their agencies spending millions of dollars on online political advertisements. It is not an uncommon practice. In 2012, $78 million were spent on online ads for the presidential elections, compared to $22.2 million spent in 2008. According to experts, spending on political ads is projected to reach $9.9 billion this year.

But what is a candidate or political consulting firm with a small budget to do in order to compete in the same space as others? offers a level playing field for the first time in campaigning history.

Smart Solutions for Campaigners

Powered by, uses proven groundbreaking technology to provide easy, cost-effective solutions to political candidates. The technology takes the guesswork out of the equation by providing trusted political digital advertising based on real people, voter insights, precise targeting, verified data, and tactical success.

With, you have an all-in-one digital ad platform where you can create and deploy advertisements using predefined targeting data – in 5 minutes or less.

Here’s how can help you:

  • No creative team to design ads for you? No problem! The digital banner ad creator is easy to use—you do not need any creative know-how to design your ad. Using the ad creator is simple and straightforward, with a library of images to choose from to meet your needs.
  • No voter file? No sweat! With, you can utilize over 190 million U.S. voter records. It targets real voter households and only serves digital ads based on where voters live (IP targeting), and not on how they spend their time online (cookie-based advertising).

Physical addresses are matched to IP addresses, ensuring that political advertisers are connected with real people with extreme precision. What does this mean for you? You can fine tune your IP targeting—whether you want to serve your ads to voters across the United States or to a specific district in the city of your choice.

Moreover, you can target voters based on their age, ethnicity, political affiliation, propensity to vote, and number of times they have voted in past elections. This handy tool allows for granular targeting. For example, instead of just targeting adults living in California, you can choose to target Democrats in their 40s, living in San Francisco, who have consistently voted in past elections. This ensures delivery of highly relevant political ads to the household you are targeting.

  • Want to see how your ads are doing? Easy! Within the platform, you can also review your campaign performance and analytics which will allow you to make informed decisions about the best way to leverage your ads.

An Extra Advantage provides an extra advantage to political hopefuls who do not necessarily have the biggest campaign budgets. Getting your message across to potential voters online where most people are spending their time, especially these days, is now made easy, simple, and economical.

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