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General Information


What is Campaign Uprising?

Campaign Uprising is a full service platform that fills the needs of your political marketing campaign. The platform allows political campaigns, candidates, advocacy groups and many others to personalize their message and audience to best fit their marketing strategy. By creating or adding digital marketing banners and then selecting audiences from a series of predefined data sets, a marketing campaign can be deployed to voters within minutes.


If I have an account with El Toro, can I use Campaign Uprising?

Yes, you can! When you sign in to Campaign Uprising using your El Toro credentials, your information will transfer over. If you’re not an El Toro client, you can absolutely use Campaign Uprising as well.


Where will my ads appear?

Ads are placed on over 1,000,000 websites that include 30-50 billion advertising impressions per day. This is about 90% of the available daily ad inventory on the Internet. Popular sites where El Toro places ads include news sites, Google, MSN, ESPN, and Yahoo.


What types of creatives does Campaign Uprising serve?

Digital Banners, Video, OTT, and Direct Mailers.


Do I need to provide a list of prospects to target?

Providing a list is an option but is not required. If you do not have a list of people you want to target, you can build your audience with our Audience Generator. Campaign Uprising gives clients the ability to use our IP Targeting technology to build out audience segments based on their needs.


Can Campaign Uprising prepare the creative assets for me?

Yes! The Creative Generator can be used to prepare digital banner assets and direct mailers.


Do I need to have my logo on my ad?

Yes, to be displayed via a demand-side platform (DSP), ads need pass a 3rd party audit. One of the requirements of this audit is that some form of corporate identification is visible on each advertisement. This can be your logo or the name of your organization and it also needs to match what is used on your landing page for this ad campaign. Political creatives also need a “Paid for By” statement on them to ensure they pass the 3rd party audit.


Does Campaign Uprising use cookies?

No. For IP Targeting, since we know the IP address of specified households, we don’t need to use cookies for primary targeting.


What reports are provided by Campaign Uprising?

The reports provided by Campaign Uprising include:

  • Impression, clicks, and CTR for the duration of the campaign or per day

  • How much of the budget has been spent

  • Total time remaining in your campaign

  • Ad performance broken down by creative


What CTR (Click Through Rate) should I expect?

Ultimately most clients see an increase in CTR with our campaigns, but we encourage clients to look beyond click through rate (CTR) and focus on metrics that have more meaning to their business like votes or donations for the ad campaign. The industry average for Banner campaigns is 0.06% and for Video campaigns is 0.08%.


Can I use animation in my ads?

Yes, if any animation is present within the ads, it must stop within 30 seconds of the ad serving. This can be done by limiting loops to 1 to 3 rotations.


How many ad variants should I use?

Campaign Uprising recommends two ad variants at the beginning of a campaign to conduct a proper A/B test for ad efficacy. Once we develop performance history on the ad variants we will often adjust the ad serving of the campaign to focus on the most effective advertisements.


Can I use a combination of IP targeting and direct mail in my campaign?

Absolutely! Campaign Uprising offers clients the option to serve digital ads, direct mail, and a combination of both.


Does Campaign Uprising support ads hosted on 3rd party AdServers?

Yes, this will typically require a slight modification to the code to ensure that the ClickTag’s work properly.

IP Targeted Banner and Video


What are the standard dimensions for banner ads?

Standard banner dimensions are shown below. We recommend clients generate at least one creative in each size to maximize available ad inventory. While we run campaigns with fewer sizes it will limit the inventory available to us and may result in the campaign taking longer to serve the purchased ads.

  • 300×250

  • 728×90

  • 320×50

  • 160×600

  • 300×600


What sizes does the ‘Banner Generator’ create?

The banner generator takes a lot of the guesswork out of how to make a digital banner ad. Select from a variety of templates and customize with your own text or headshot. The banner generator automatically creates banners in the following sizes:

  • 300×250

  • 728×90

  • 320×50

  • 160×600

  • 300×600


What is the recommended file size?

For banners, we accept files up to 100KB but the most optimal file size is anything at or under 40KB.

For videos, we accept files up to 100MB but the most optimal file size is anything at or under 80MB.

Anything over the accepted weights creates a heavy limitation on the serving capacity of the creative, and will most likely fail to generate sufficient impressions.


What are the recommended aspect ratios?

If Campaign Uprising is hosting, we will encode and automate the videos to the correct sizes which are 4:3, 5:2, and 16:9.


What are the standard video advertisement lengths?

The standard video advertisement durations are 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. There is significantly less inventory available for videos over 60 seconds.


What are the standard dimensions for video ads?

Standard video dimensions are as follows:

  • 400×225

  • 400×30

  • 480×30

  • 640×60

  • 1920×800

Additionally, Google only supports: 480×360, 640×360, and 1920×800. If Campaign Uprising is hosting the video, we will automatically encode any 400×225 and 400×300 video ads to fit Google’s size requirements by adding letterboxes.

Companion ads are supported, but only standard image files are accepted. Flash files are not supported.


What types of video placements are available via the Campaign Uprising system?

Pre-Roll (represents majority of inventory), Mid-Roll, and Post-Roll.


What are the supported file types?

The supported file types are:

  • For banner ads: jpg, gif, and png.

  • For video ads: avi, mp4, and quicktime.

  • For direct mail: jpg, gif, and png.

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