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Campaign Uprising is powered by the patented technology of El Toro, a marketing organization that builds technology solutions to solve problems within digital advertising. With IP Targeting and Account Based Marketing approaches, we target your specific voters on a one-to-one level. There is no other online marketing company that can target voters the way we do.

We don’t target “zones or clusters” by traditional methods, we target real people in real households. Our technology matches a physical address to an IP address at a 95%+ accuracy, which makes IP Targeting a secret weapon for political campaigns. By using voter databases and CRM data lists, you can be ensured that your political marketing is relevant and effective to the household you’re targeting.

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“In order to be effective, a voter needs to see them over and over. People seem to assume that advertisements are like nuclear radiation and, you know, once you’re exposed, it stays with you for the rest of the campaign and the rest of your life. I think ads are more like Tylenol. You take the medicine, but it wears off relatively quickly.”

— John Sides


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