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Digital advertising campaigns don’t need to be expensive or complicated. Our patented technology and easy-to-use platform leverages top-tier voter data to individually target voters through their IP addresses. Our platform gives you control over who sees your message online and through the mail. Use our digital campaign software to create ads, segment your audience, place your ads online, and win votes. speaks directly to the audience you choose, so your message is top of mind when they hit the polls. 

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Create Ads, Target Voters, and Win Elections.

Our online platform allows you to create ads in seconds, use pre-loaded voter data to engage voters, and place ads online without needing a marketing or digital design team. Use technology to targets voters at their IP address, not how they surf the Internet through cookies. Choosing an audience for your campaign is no longer a guessing game. Select the exact households based on voter data, where your banner ads, video and direct mail will make the greatest impact.  

Political Campaign Marketing Software is the only political campaign software needed to run your digital political campaign.  Give yourself an unfair advantage. Sign up today to have your campaign live in minutes.

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With our patented technology by, the leader in IP targeting solutions.

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